Thursday, May 16, 2013

Appreciate Me Damn-it!

With it being teacher appreciation Day-Week-Month (depending on who you talk to) I've found the lack of appreciation for teachers in MAY is quite astounding.  Let me summarize my teacher appreciation day:

1. "But we didn't know it was teacher appreciation day!"
-- Yes you did, I told you.

2. "Happy teacher appreciation day to youuuu" - sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday"

3. "You should throw us a party"
-- It's MY DAY. You should throw ME a party!

4. "In Mexico teacher appreciation day is May 15. We can celebrate then."
-- May 15 came and went, did they appreciate me? Let's just say I wrote 2 referrals that day ...

In summary, my day ended with a Jr. High student whining at me that he needed me to do something for him, and my response was "Appreciate me!" (I left the Damn-it part of the sentence in my head, thank heavens.)

I think teacher appreciation day should be in September - when kids are still relatively happy to be at school, and reasonably still like their teacher.  Not at the end of the year when they are burnt out and taking out their angst on anyone who will listen.

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