Monday, July 1, 2013

Best. Lesson. Planner. Ever.

As a new-ish teacher I'm constantly moving my lessons around & making changes. I found planning on paper was insufficient, because with my jumbo eraser and all the changes I was making on a daily (hourly?!) basis, I had holes in the end of my pages by the end of the day.

So then I created a Word document for planning ... it was nice, I could type quickly and avoid those eraser tears in my paper. Except the formatting was a nightmare. And it wasn't pretty. (Pretty is a big deal for me). And I had to have a different document for every class I teach ... ugh.

[Drum Roll Please]
Enter, the life changing,

This Website is INCREDIBLE. I know, I'm a bit excited here, but I feel if there is anything you can learn from me, it is about this Website. I plan everything online. I can print, e-mail, or publish directly to my class Website. I can link to files from my dropbox ... that the kids can download from my class Website, or the school's secretary if (God forbid) I'm hit by a truck and can't make it into class. My favorite part -- when something unexpected happens (6th period rally anyone?) I can BUMP all of my lessons forward a day -- saving myself from those treacherous eraser marks tearing across my page. The help guys are awesome - I often IM them in the middle of the day, they are always super sweet, and do whatever they can to fix my problem.

And after all of my constant e-mails and IM's to them, 24/7 for the past year, when they unrolled their new (paid for) site, they let me be a beta tester and gave me a free subscription. I would pay for this site in a heartbeat. It is that good -- and that means a lot, coming from a poor teacher who's still paying off her loans ;)

If you do one thing to improve your lessons and classroom this year, start using this site. Seriously. You will thank me later.

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