Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sacred Saturdays

One of the first things a professor of mine shared upon beginning the credential program was the idea of Sacred Saturdays.

Here's how it works: block out a few hours for yourself at some point each and every Saturday. Come hell or high-water, that is your time, to do what you please. It is a sanity saver beyond measure, and it is incredible how rejuvenating those few hours once a week can be for the teacher's soul!

Some sample Sacred Saturdays I've given myself ...

  • Trip to the Farmer's Market
  • Delicious cup of tea and a good book 
  • Early morning walk with my dog
  • Iced-soy-chai-latte and a chocolate croissant or apricot bar, while wandering downtown
  • Morning bike ride
  • Classic movies (today's selection: Hercules! Hercules!)
  • Baking: cupcakes, bread, anything not healthy and absolutely delicious
  • Trip to Barnes & Noble, for the purpose of wandering aimlessly. Bonus points for drinking tea while wandering through the store

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